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Case 8 Selwyn v. Ward



Identify the Plaintiff(s) in the case.     


Identify the two Defendant(s) in the case.     


Is the Plaintiff asking for money damages?


Who purchased the bottle of Everclear?  Was he/she present at the party?


Where was the grain alcohol purchased?


When was the grain alcohol purchased?


Who was the owner of the property where the party was hosted?


Where on the property was the party located?


How was Bridget Selwyn injured?


What could the Defendant, RC Liquors, have done to prevent the injury to the Plaintiff?


What is an ultrahazardous activity?


In your opinion, do you think RC Liquors knew or at least should have known that by selling the grain alcohol to Lauren Andrews, a teenager, the bottle would fall into the hands of other teenagers who would then pour the alcohol onto an open flame?


Did RC Liquors sell the grain alcohol to a minor, namely, Lauren Andrews?


Is it reasonably foreseeable to RC Liquors that by selling a bottle of Everclear to a minor that the minor may use if for “fire play”?  Explain.


Did RC Liquors fail to warn the user of the dangers of the product it sold?


Is the selling of grain alcohol an activity that cannot be made safe by the exercise of reasonable care?



Explain your decision

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