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Case 4:  People v. William D.



Identify the Plaintiff(s) in the case.           


Identify the Defendant(s) in the case.     


What injuries did Fabrizio suffer?     


How many times did William D. hit Fabrizio?     


What is the size difference between Fabrizio and Danny?


In Fabrizio’s opinion, what was Danny trying to do when Fabrizio confronted him?


According to Fabrizio, what did he plan to do after confronted Danny?


According to the testimony, what did William say when he approached Fabrizio?


According to William’s friends, how did Fabrizio approach William?


Fabrizio’s friends offer a different version of events than William’s friend’s version, what occurred immediately prior to the punch?  Does their version help or hurt William’s case of defense of others?  Why?


Was Fabrizio in fear of imminent bodily harm when William D. approached him?  Explain?


Did William D. hit Fabrizio with the intention to injure him?  Explain.


Was Danny afraid that Fabrizio was going to attack him at the time William punched Fabrizio?  Explain.


Did William use reasonable force to protect Danny from Fabrizio?  Explain.


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