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Case 1: Commonwealth v. Snyder



Identify the plaintiffs or prosecution     


Identify the Defendant(s) in the case.


Is this a criminal proceeding or a civil proceeding?  Explain.


How did the school administrators initially discover that Jeffrey might be selling marijuana?     


Why did Principal Day give credibility to the reporting teacher regarding Jeffrey’s possession of marijuana?           


Explain the reason(s) the principal and the assistant principal did not approach Jeffrey in the student center.     


Where did the administrators find the combination to Jeffrey’s locker?


What did the school’s student policy say about searches of student lockers?


What did the principal and the assistant principal find during their search of Jeffrey’s locker?


What did Jeffrey do when he was confronted with the evident against him?


Was the information received by school administrators reliable?  Explain.


Did Jeffrey have an “expectation of privacy” in his school locker?  Explain.


Was the schools search of the locker justified and reasonable?  Explain.


Did the school have reasonable suspicion that a crime was being committed?  Explain.


Did the schools interest to enforce school policies and adequately discipline its students override the importance of Jeffrey’s privacy  in his locker?


Did the student handbook state that the Defendant had an expectation of privacy in his locker?



Explain your decision.

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