Teaching Philosophy



I believe the role of an educator is to facilitate learning and growth by providing information in a variety of ways that create interest in each individual student and in the class as a whole.  I think that it is important that the information be presented in a way that is interesting and relevant for students so that it is meaningful and will have a higher likelihood of being absorbed and retained.  I need to provide the spark to get the fire for learning going in the students and fan the flames to keep it burning.

I personally have a joy of learning and feel that part of my role as an educator is to demonstrate what learning looks like, how I benefit from learning and inspire my students to seek the same for themselves. I expect students to be accountable for their own efforts. Students will find that if they devote time and effort into the learning process they will be pleased with their results. I believe my job is to facilitate the learning process, but it is up to the students to make the process happen. I am available to my students to guide, mentor and motivate them through this process.